F260 Day 36: Exodus 19-20

Exodus 19-20

God wants to covenant and be near to his people. This is why he brought Israel out of slavery in Egypt. God wanted Israel to be representatives of his heavenly kingdom on the earth. To do this, God gave them the Ten Commandments. These commands are a picture of what it looks like to live a holy life that is pleasing to God. The first four commands can be summarized as love God, and the final six can be summarized as love your neighbor. In other words, love God and love people. And Israel agreed to live according to this standard.

So, this is how we live as citizens of God’s kingdom. But, we are unable to do this on our own. We need God’s help to do this, which is why he gives us the Holy Spirit at regeneration. He is the one who enables us to live such a life.

Do you live according to God’s kingdom standards?