F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 35

F260 Day 35: Exodus 16-17

Exodus 16-17

Exodus 16-17 finds the Israelites in the wilderness grumbling. Food and water is sparse. They wonder aloud why Moses has brought them to the wilderness to die. They would much rather go back to Egypt and be enslaved than have their freedom and trust God. Yet, God provides in the midst of their complaining. He gives them manna, quail, and water. Their daily needs are met.

So often this reflects the Christian life. When life gets hard, we reminisce about our former life that was dead in its sin and trespasses, thinking that life was far better. We would much rather go back to that life than trust God. Too often we forget the many blessings that come with being a believer. We have the Bread of Life and Living Water in Jesus Christ! Sure, the Christian life might not always be pleasant, but it’s far better to trust God than to go back to a life without him.

Has your Christian life ever resembled the Israelites’ grumbling in the wilderness?

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