F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 191

F260 Day 191: Acts 10-11

Acts 10-11

Cornelius, a Roman officer who worships God, has an encounter with an angel. He obeys and sends for Peter. Before the men arrive, Peter has a vision from God about eating unclean animals & is told God made them clean. Peter goes and preaches the gospel to them. Upon hearing, the entire crowd receives the Holy Spirit and is baptized. Peter then relays this to the church in Jerusalem. At this point, the gospel continues to spread to Gentiles.

The gospel is for everybody. There is no one on this earth who is unworthy of hearing the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ. In the same way God does not show favoritism, we must do the same. We cannot withhold the gospel because of a prejudice we might have against someone or a particular group of people. Anyone who comes to faith is a brother or sister in Christ.

Do you see how God’s kingdom expands to include all peoples?

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