F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 260

F260 Day 260: Revelation 20-22

Revelation 20-22

Revelation ends with a glimpse of what is to come. Satan is finally judged and thrown into the lake of fire, as well as everyone whose name is not written in the book of life. Then John gives a description of the new creation that humanity will dwell in. Unlike the old heaven and earth, God will dwell with his people on the earth and will be its light. John ends the letter with a note to the reader about the urgency of his writing with a reminder of the urgency of when these events will take place.

The encouragement in this passage is the hope we have to look forward to. God will restore his creation to its Edenic state. And we will get to dwell in it for all eternity. This is what we get to look forward to as believers. And everything we need to sustain us flows directly from God’s throne, which is a beautiful reminder of how he is our source.

Are you looking forward to the new creation?

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