F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 195

F260 Day 195: James 3-5

James 3-5

In the rest of his letter, James lays out the difference between someone who is seeking God versus their own ways. In so many ways we are double-minded, which James addressed in the beginning of the letter. This happens in our speech, how we interact with others, and even how we plan our days. The solution is to humble ourselves and turn to God.

James is clear that we are either God’s friend or his enemy. If we are his friend, our aim should be to draw near to him so we can have a more intimate relationship with him. When we do that, the double-mindedness we have begins to correct itself because God will change our hearts. Because the more we draw near to God, we cannot help but to be different and more like him. This should be the aim of every believer.

Are you loyalties divided between God and your own ways?

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