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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 21

F260 Day 21: Genesis 39-40

Genesis 39-40

When we look at these chapters it would be easy to think that there’s something special about Joseph. Joseph finds favor and blessing, even while in slavery and prison. Yet, if we look more closely at the text, God is the one behind Joseph’s blessing. And, it’s not because of anything that Joseph has done of his own merit; no, it is because it is the means God wants to use to fulfill the dream he gave Joseph. God is working every step of the way. He was with Joseph, he blessed him, he granted him favor.

Yes, Joseph was an upright man who obeyed the Lord, but that is not the reason for his blessing. God didn’t bless him because of this, but it certainly didn’t hurt. In other words, Joseph didn’t serve because he was blessed. Instead, he was obedient because he loved the Lord and did not want to sin against him. Our lives should be the same way.

Is your walk based on God’s blessing or because it’s the right thing to do?

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