F260 Day 49: Numbers 13-14

Numbers 13-14

In these chapters Moses sends men to scout the Promised Land. After forty days the men return with their report. Only Joshua and Caleb have a positive report. The rest believe they will be slaughtered if they even attempt to take the land. Unfortunately, the people believe the negative report, despite all the miracles and signs God had done for them up to this point. In response, God forbids them from ever entering the land.

These chapters teach an important lesson. We must ever keep God’s Word before us, walking in both faith and obedience. This is what Caleb and Joshua did. Sure, they saw the difficult task ahead, but they also believed God’s promises. That is why God promised they would experience the Promised Land. In much the same way, if we are to experience the spiritual blessings that come with being a kingdom citizen, we must walk in faith and obedience to God’s Word.

Are you walking in faith and obedience?