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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 70

F260 Day 70: Ruth 3-4

Ruth 3-4

Seeing that Boaz is a reputable man, Naomi devises a plan for Boaz to redeem and marry Ruth. When Ruth makes her request known to Boaz, he quickly obliges. He says he will do whatever he can to make it happen. He redeems and marries her. As a result, the Lord blesses them with a child, named Obed. This child would be the grandfather of king David.

For as much as this narrative is about Ruth, it is ultimately about Boaz as Ruth’s redeemer. His character, integrity, and kindness shine through at every turn. When he gives his word to Ruth, he does not rest until the matter is settled. This redeeming act ultimately points us to Christ Jesus, the redeemer of souls. His kindness, love, and integrity is poured out on us as he redeems us from our sin.

Do you see the connection between Boaz & Christ as redeemer? Do you display the same character & integrity?

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