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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 71

F260 Day 71: 1 Samuel 1-2

1 Samuel 1-2

There are two very different things happening in the beginning of 1 Samuel. First, we see Hannah, in her anguish, asking God for a son. She even promises to dedicate and give this son back to the Lord. The Lord answers this prayer and she births Samuel. In turn, Hannah keeps her promise to the Lord. Second, we see Eli and his two sons. These men have corrupted the priesthood by disrespecting God and taking advantage of their position for their own gain. In response, God says he will raise up a priest who will be faithful to him.

Of everything in today’s reading, Hannah’s prayer stands out to me the most. How often do we take these kinds of honest prayers to God? Do we cry out to God from the depth of our hurt & need? God is big enough to handle such prayers. And what we will learn is that our prayer increases our intimacy with God, which is more important than any answer to prayer we might receive. We need to pray more prayers like Hannah.

When is the last time you poured out your heart to God in prayer?

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