F260 Day 44: Leviticus 8-9

Leviticus 8-9

The book of Exodus ended with the anointing of the Tabernacle and the priesthood. But, not a lot of details were given about how this all took place. Leviticus 8-9 fills in the details of the ordination of Aaron and his sons as Israel’s priests. The ordination process was a lengthy weeklong process that involved quite a bit of purification and bloodshed. This picture of ordination shows us both the holiness of God and the cleansing required to be in his presence, as well as the seriousness of sin. The cleansing and forgiveness of sin required death.

When the ordination was complete, Aaron immediately got to work. On the eighth day his task was to make a sacrifice atoning for Israel’s sins, as well as his own. Again, it was a bloody ordeal. But, they completed the task just as the Lord had commanded.

Does the bloodiness of the priesthood make you more aware of God’s holiness?