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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 241

F260 Day 241: Hebrews 7

Hebrews 7

In chapter 7, the author shows the reader how Jesus took on the priesthood. To do this, he refers to Abraham’s encounter with Melchizedek. This man was a king and priest. And Scripture attributes no lineage to him. Furthermore, he quotes twice from Psalm 110:4 showing how Jesus is a priest in this line, and also a priest forever. The Levitical priesthood had many priests who died and could not save. Jesus died once for all and remains a priest forever.

The priests that came before could only cover sin, and they were sinners too. Jesus is holy and greater than us. This is exactly what we need in a high priest. Someone who can continually stand before God on our behalf and guarantee his work. That is why we can trust that our salvation is secure.

Are you glad you have a high priest who intercedes for you & secures your salvation?

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