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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 161

F260 Day 161: Luke 9:10-62

Luke 9:10-62

As Jesus begins to set his sights toward Jerusalem, we see many events in Luke’s gospel. Jesus feeds the 5,000 and heals many of their diseases and demon possession. The three witness Jesus’ transfiguration. Finally, Jesus predicts his death and resurrection twice in this chapter, but its understanding is concealed from the disciples.

Jesus makes it clear what is required to follow him. It requires submission of our lives to God’s plans and purposes, and doing the work he has called us to do. This is a daily decision we must make. When we wake up, we must decide to carry the cross Jesus has given us, and follow him. Each day we choose to obey or disobey, but the choice is wholly ours.

Are you choosing to carry your cross daily?

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