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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 160

F260 Day 160: Matthew 8

Matthew 8

After Jesus finished his sermon, he continued on and performed many miracles. We see several examples of people who have great faith in Jesus and his ability to heal. Yet, we also see his closest disciples displaying a lack of faith in a trying moment. Finally, we see people sending Jesus away because they want nothing to do with him after witnessing his power.

The thing that stands out most in this passage is Jesus’ response to the centurion. Jesus is amazed. If we want to amaze God, we see that it requires two things: faith and humility. First we need faith to believe God can do great things. Second, we need humility to know that we are merely his servants and deserve nothing from him, let alone have him meet us in our home. This is what amazed Jesus. It is also the kind of character we need to have as believers.

Do you have the kind of faith that amazes God?

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