F260 Day 13: Genesis 22

Genesis 22

As a believer, Genesis 22 is one of those chapters that makes you scratch your head. After decades of waiting for his son of promise, God now asks Abraham to sacrifice this very son as an offering. As a parent, this is baffling. Yet, Abraham trusted God. Time and time again God told Abraham that the promises and covenant would carry on through Isaac. So, if God could provide him a son in his old age, he had to also believe that God would somehow bring him back from the dead. Thankfully, God stopped Abraham before he took the knife to Isaac.

For all the times Abraham messed up and failed to trust God, he passed the test when it mattered most. He was willing to give up everything to follow God. But that’s not the only thing happening here. This picture of a father offering his son clearly points us to when God gives his only son, Jesus, to pay the penalty for humanity’s sin. But, while God spared Isaac, he did not spare his own son.

Is your own faith in God that strong?

What are you willing to sacrifice to follow and obey God?