F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 13

F260 Day 13: Genesis 22

Genesis 22

Some time after the birth of Isaac, the Lord tested Abraham’s commitment to him by having him sacrifice Isaac, the child of promise. Abraham was obedient in performing this task and trusted God. When asked by his son where the lamb was for the sacrifice, Abraham prophetically spoke that God himself would provide the lamb. Keeping his word, Abraham binds his son and prepares to slaughter him, until the Lord stops him. At this act of faith, God re-establishes the covenant he made with Abraham to bless the world through his offspring.

Abraham trusted God enough that he was willing to sacrifice the thing that was most important to him. Yet, as Hebrews 11:17-19 tells us, he trusted that God would give him his son back from the dead. Do we have that same level of trust in God, that we are willing to put our most cherished things in life on the altar before God? Is God ultimately our most cherished “thing”?

What are you willing to sacrifice to follow and obey God?

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