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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 12

F260 Day 12: Genesis 20-21

Genesis 20-21

These two chapters are jam packed. They are bookended with Abraham having issues with Abimelech. In-between those two events there are two other significant events. First, just as the Lord had promised, Sarah gives birth to a son, whom they name Isaac. Then, not too long after that, Hagar has once again fallen out of favor in Sarah’s eyes, resulting in her banishment, this time permanently.

There are several things we can make application of in this passage. First, we see the need to trust God in circumstances, instead of taking matters into our own hands. We must trust that God will keep his promise, so we don’t need to tell half-truths to keep ourselves safe. Second, we can’t judge people based on appearance, which is what Abraham did with Abimelech & his people. With the birth of Isaac, we see that God keeps his promises. And with Hagar, God once again hears the cries of the afflicted and answers their prayers.

Can you relate to the ups and downs of Abraham’s life?

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