F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 187

F260 Day 187: Acts 4-5

Acts 4-5

Peter and John were arrested for preaching and healing a man in Jesus’s name. The religious leaders cannot deny the miracles, so they tell them to stop. Peter and John returned to the apostles and prayed for more boldness. Later all the apostles were arrested again and brought before the religious leaders. This time they were flogged before being released and told to not speak about Jesus. But, they continued preaching this good news.

While freeing them from jail, the angel told the apostles to tell people about “this life.” When we share the gospel, it’s not just about a future. It’s also about the here and now. We presently live in the kingdom of God and experience it daily. We have the Holy Spirit dwelling inside of us. This salvation and forgiveness of sins is something we experience right now. We must not exclude that from the good news we share with others.

Are you telling others about the Christian life that is lived here & now?

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