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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 140

F260 Day 140: Nehemiah 5-6

Nehemiah 5-6

While rebuilding the walls, Nehemiah receives word that some of the Jews are being taken advantage of by their own countrymen. They are taxed exceedingly, which caused them to sell both their land and children to cover the costs. Nehemiah puts a stop to this injustice. But that is not the only issue he faced. Nehemiah constantly dealt with opponents who tried to harm, distract, and discredit him. As he remained focused on the work, God protected him from all those things. After 52 days, the walls of the city had been rebuilt and everyone recognized it was God who accomplished the task.

These chapters show us we need to be mindful of those who are around us. Not everyone is for us, even those we think might be. Shemaiah took a bribe in order to cause Nehemiah to sin. But Nehemiah, being aware of God’s law, knew he could not enter the temple, so he refused. We need to always be mindful of God’s Word and act accordingly. There will be people sent to deceive and discredit us in moments of weakness, which is why we must know and walk in the strength God provides. When we do, we know God will be pleased with us.

Do you ask the Lord for discernment in your life?

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