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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 139

F260 Day 139: Nehemiah 3-4

Nehemiah 3-4

Nehemiah’s third chapter gives us incredible detail about the names of people who rebuilt the walls & gates of Jerusalem. But, this work was not without opposition. Sanballat and others were furious with the Jews and mocked them. They even schemed to attack and kill the Jews. Nevertheless, the Jews resolved to continue building and did not let this stop them. The schemes slowed their progress because it required having half the men stand guard while the other half rebuilt the wall. The Jews maintained their focus because they knew the Lord would fight for them.

What this passage shows us is that following God’s commands will not always be a cake walk. There will be those who hate God and will do their best to keep us from accomplishing the work he sent us to do. That is what Sanballat tried to do to the Jews. But, as long as our focus is on God, we can ignore the distractions and continue the work we have been called to do. Yes, it might mean making some adjustments to protect ourselves, but we stay focused on the work.

How do you stay focused on the work God has given you?

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