F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 165

F260 Day 165: Luke 14

Luke 14

One Sabbath, Jesus was invited to eat at the house of a Pharisee. While there he performs a miracle, healing a man. He then proceeds to teach on humility. Not only are we to think of others more highly than ourselves, we should seek good for the disadvantaged. Finally, following Jesus requires counting the cost and laying aside all that would hinder us from walking with him.

It is so easy to be full of pride in this life, but Jesus calls us to walk in humility. The rule we are to live by is to think of others more highly than ourselves. God should be the one who exalts us. When we do that, our focus is on doing the work instead of the accolades or recognition that we expect from the work. We must remember that the best rewards are from God, not man.

Do you think of others more highly than you think of yourself?

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