F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 150

F260 Day 150: Malachi 4

Malachi 4

Malachi’s final words to Israel warned of the coming day of the Lord. This day is dual purposed. For the wicked, this is a day of judgment and destruction. For the righteous, it is a day of healing, restoration, and vindication. Malachi then closes with a reminder to remember the law of Moses and follow it, as that is the standard for righteousness. But, before this day comes, God will send Elijah, with the purpose of giving one final call for repentance.

This is the final word before John the Baptizer, who is the Elijah to come, and Jesus come on the scene some 400 years later. Malachi’s instruction is clear: God’s judgment is coming, choose which side of it you want to be on. The wicked will indeed be judged, but the righteous will be saved & healed. The means for the latter is walking in righteousness, which comes from a heart turned toward God. So, let us remember the Lord’s commands and walk in them.

Which side of the day of the Lord are you going to be on?

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