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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 129

F260 Day 129: Ezra 3-4

Ezra 3-4

Once the people were resettled in the land, they immediately worked on rebuilding the temple. Overseen by the priests, the workers first rebuilt the altar so sacrifices could resume. With the temple rebuilt, the people celebrated the Feast of Booths and made sacrifices to the Lord. From there, they worked to rebuild the temple’s foundation. Once complete the people rejoiced, while some wailed as they remembered the splendor of Solomon’s temple. While building, the Israelites refused help from the other inhabitants of the land. At that point, the other inhabitants began causing trouble for Israel. The interference made its way all the way to the king, where he made an order to cease all construction.

One of the important things we learn from these chapters is that following God’s plan is not without difficulty or opposition. There will always be people who do not like the fact that you are following God’s will and will do whatever they can to stop you. That is what happened with Israel as they worked to rebuild the temple. This is in line with what Paul told Timothy in his second letter (2 Tim. 3:12). Nevertheless, we are to trust God and continue on his path, even when it seems difficult because he never promised it would be easy.

Do you still trust God’s plan even when difficulties come?

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