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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 42

F260 Day 42: Exodus 34-36:1

Exodus 34-36:1

The Lord commands Moses to make new stone tablets and to meet him on the mountain the following morning. He once again writes on the tablets, shows Moses his glory, and reminds him of the covenant obligations. This last for 40 days. Moses comes down, with a radiant face, and speaks to the people. Then they take up an offering that allows them to begin constructing the Tabernacle.

During this time on the mountain, God revealed his glory to Moses. Moses was changed by this encounter, so much that it showed on his face. An encounter with the Lord should change who we are. People should be able to visibly see in our lives & character that we have met the Lord. This is the only right response when the Lord reveals himself. Like Moses, we should kneel, worship, and be transformed.

Has meeting the Lord transformed your life?

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