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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 41

F260 Day 41: Exodus 32-33

Exodus 32-33

Moses is still on the mountain, but Israel doesn’t think he’s ever coming back. Their response? They talk Aaron into building them an idol. This violates the commandments they agreed to follow. The Lord quickly sends Moses back down to the people to stop the nonsense. This is where the narrative turns.

After destroying the idol, Moses asks who will follow the Lord. Only the Levites stood up, which resulted in a bloody day as they killed 3,000 of their brethren. In response to this sin, the Lord wants to destroy Israel and restart with Moses. Here, we see Moses intercede at several points on behalf of Israel.

How quickly we turn to our old ways and sin when we do not keep our eyes fixed on the Lord. The Israelites saw the Lord do mighty works. Now, they have quickly turned away from the very commands they said they would follow because their leader was “gone.” We are just as prone to this. This is why we need to be like Moses and ask the Lord to teach us his ways & to show us his glory.

Do you want the Lord to teach you his ways? Do you want to see his glory?

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