F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 7

F260 Day 7: Job 40-42

Job 40-42

The final chapters of Job continue where chapters 38 & 39 left off, with God confronting Job. God commands Job to answer him as chapter 40 opens. In response, Job finally gets it and says he is unworthy to speak. Instead, he covers his mouth and lets God continue.

The most important question God asks Job comes in Job 40:8 when he asks, “Will you call me unjust to justify yourself?” (paraphrase). We are confronted with this question often. How often do we ask God things like, “Why do bad things happen to good people?,” or “Why am I being punished in this way?” When we asks questions like this, we are just as guilty as Job. We must humble ourselves before the God who created & owns everything under heaven.

Have you ever declared God unjust while trying to justify yourself?

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