F260 Day 8: Genesis 11-12

Genesis 11-12

Genesis 12 begins the narrative of Abram (Abraham). God covenants with this man and promises to bless all peoples through him, which we know ultimately comes through Christ. This is a great promise that requires much faith, but Abram is obedient to walk in it.

But, what we see immediately following is life getting back to normal for Abram. As life continues, we see the ups & downs of Abram’s faith. During a famine, he heads down to Egypt and tells half truths that he hopes will spare his life. He does this, knowing good & well that God had promised to bless him. These moments where Abram takes matters into his own hands will be a recurring theme in his life. Yet, this is often how our own faith is. We follow God, but have peaks and valleys where our faith is high or low.

Today, meditate on this: do your daily actions line up with the promises of God?