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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 8

F260 Day 8: Genesis 11-12

Genesis 11-12

Today’s reading is a tale of two names. First, there are those at Babel who wanted to make their own name great. To prevent the same level of sin we saw earlier in Genesis, God confuses their language and scatters them across the earth.

Then, we have Genesis 12. Here, God says that he (God) will make Abram’s name great. At this blessing, Abram trusts God and obeys. This is truly walking by faith. It wasn’t a perfect faith walk, as we see in the latter half of Genesis 12, but it was a faith walk nonetheless. We, as believers, need to have the same confidence in God as we walk with him.

As you see God’s promises in Scripture, are you walking with the same faith as Abram?

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