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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 117

F260 Day 117: 2 Kings 19-21

2 Kings 19-21

When faced with a possible invasion by the Assyrians, Hezekiah took his concerns to the Lord. Instead of trying to figure out everything on his own or in his own power, he sought godly counsel in the prophet Isaiah. Later Hezekiah takes his concerns directly to the Lord and lays them before him. God answers his prayer and the Assyrians never invade Judah. We see similar faith when Hezekiah faces death and cries out to the Lord, who grants him another 15 years of life.

But, after receiving those 15 years, Hezekiah becomes proud and complacent. He foolishly shows off his treasures to foreigners, and then shows little concern for the consequences, which will affect his children. After Hezekiah’s death, his son Manasseh takes the throne and turns back to all the evil and idolatry that his father had removed from the land.

Even though Hezekiah’s life did not end well, there is much we can learn from his faith, especially when facing the Assyrians. He took his cares directly before the Lord. He laid everything before the Lord (literally), presented it to him, and prayed to God for how to handle the situation. This is how we ought to handle difficulties in our own lives. Instead of trying to figure it out on our own, or stressing ourselves out, we can do like Hezekiah and take it to the one who can intervene. No matter how big or small the situation, this ought to be our response. We are to take our cares to the Lord. This is exactly what 1 Peter 5:7 teaches us to do.

Do you take your cares to the Lord in prayer?

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