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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 116

F260 Day 116: 2 Kings 17-18

2 Kings 17-18

After being warned by multiple prophets, Assyria attacks Israel and takes them captive. This was a three-year process that ended with the Assyrians deporting the Israelites. Assyria then resettled the land of Israel with other foreigners they had taken captive. Scripture tells us this all came as a result of Israel’s sin and idolatry. They failed to keep the covenant their ancestors had made with God, even after many warnings.

When the foreigners resettled the land of Israel they did not know how to serve the Lord. After the king sent a priest back, these foreigners began to learn the ways of the Lord. They feared God just enough to feel like they appeased him, but they still served their own gods and went their own way.

In contrast to this constant idolatry, we are introduced to Judah’s King Hezekiah. He was a man who relied on God and remained faithful to him. We will see how this faithfulness to God plays out over the next few chapters of 2 Kings.

What this passage shows us is that God takes sin seriously. God is patient and gives us many opportunities to repent, but at some point he will follow through with his promise to discipline. Israel ignored the prophets and believed God would not act. Ultimately his grace ran out and he disciplined their rebellion. The same holds true for us. God will not let us continue in sin forever, especially as his children. At some point he will discipline us, and not because he hates us, but because he loves us so much. We must choose to be like the person in Psalm 1 who chose the Lord’s instruction over the ways of sinners.

Do you believe the Lord’s patience will eventually run out & that he will discipline sinners for their rebellion?

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