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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 132

F260 Day 132: Ezra 7-8

Ezra 7-8

Some time after the temple had been rebuilt and dedicated, Ezra is introduced. Ezra is a scribe who was an expert. The Lord gave him favor with the king, which allowed him to go to Jerusalem with any of the priests and Levites who wanted to return with him. The Lord was with him on the entire journey, which was made in 4 months. Upon arriving, he delivered everything to the temple and had the priests offer sacrifices on their behalf.

Ezra was a man dedicated to the Scriptures. He was skilled in the law of Moses. He studied it with the intent of obeying it and then teaching it to others. Part of the reason he returned to Jerusalem is so the people of God would know how to live in obedience to him. Anyone who did not know God’s law was to be taught. This is the kind of attitude we need to have when it comes to discipleship. We are to study with the aim of living it out and sharing it with others so they can do the same. Jesus calls us to the same mission as the final part of the Great Commission (Matt 28:20). In other words, this is a foundational part of the Christian life.

Are you dedicated to studying, obeying, and teaching others God’s Word?

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