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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 124

F260 Day 124: Daniel 1-2

Daniel 1-2

Daniel is a Judean exile in Babylon, who was either nobility or of the royal family. In Babylon, Daniel and his friends were trained for 3 years so they could attend to the king. After their period of training, the four were found to be better than all their counterparts, so they were put in the service of King Nebuchadnezzar. Some time later the king has a dream that troubles him. He demands both the dream and interpretation be made known to him. No one is able to do so except Daniel, after seeking the Lord. Daniel gives the king the interpretation of the dream, which is of coming kingdoms and how God will crush them and establish his own kingdom in the end.

The important thing about what we read in the first two chapters of Daniel is what we learn about God. God is the one who reveals mystery and is the one who controls human history. Both of these are on display in the opening chapters. First we see the appointment of Daniel and his friends to positions of leadership in Babylon, which gave them the ability to be before the king. Then God gives them the interpretation to the dream. And we see how he knows and reveals the future. This is the same God who tells us to ask for wisdom (James 1:5). Because he knows the future and reveals it, which he has done in his word, we know we can take him at his word.

Do you trust the God who controls human history?

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