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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 127

F260 Day 127: Daniel 9-10; 12

Daniel 9-10; 12

During the reign of Darius the Mede, Daniel read the prophecies of Jeremiah. Upon seeing that the time of the exile was to be 70 years, Daniel prayed and repented on behalf of all of Israel for their sins. He confessed their sins of idolatry and rebellion against the Lord. He then called on the Lord’s righteousness to forgive and answer his petition. At this, the Lord spoke and gave him a vision of what would happen to make an end to Israel’s sin and rebellion. Later, during the reign of Cyrus, Daniel is given another vision that details future events. But the vision concerning the end was not given an interpretation and sealed up until the appropriate time.

The prophecy concerning the 70 weeks is important because it point us to Jesus. He is the one who brings an end to rebellion and stops sin. He atones for our iniquity and brings in everlasting righteousness. Jesus fulfills prophecy. But, I am struck by Daniel in the beginning of chapter 9. He is studying the Scriptures and discerning what they say. And he then acts on what he has read. He turns to the Lord and repents on behalf of his people. That is the same character we need to have. We need to be diligent to study the Word, and we must be faithful in prayer and confession of our sins. This ought to be our regular habit as believers.

Do you diligently study Scripture and seek the Lord in prayer?

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