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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 175

F260 Day 175: Matthew 24:1-31

Matthew 24:1-31

In this passage, Jesus answers his disciples’ question about when the destruction of the temple would take place. He answers by telling them that there will be many signs attached to this event. It begins with wars & rumors of wars, persecution, and great distress in Jerusalem and Judea. During this time many will also proclaim to be the Messiah, but they are to ignore this. Yet, during this time, the good news of the kingdom will also go forth throughout the world.

The gospel is for everybody. For this reason, we need to share it with everyone throughout the world. As Jesus says, the good news is a testimony to all nations. For those who believe, it is pleasant. For those who refuse to accept its message, it brings condemnation and judgment. Either way, our call as disciples is to take this message to everyone so that all know about Jesus and his gift of eternal life.

What are you doing to spread the good news of the kingdom?

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