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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 181

F260 Day 181: Mark 16

Mark 16

On the third day, several women who followed Jesus went to his tomb to anoint his body. Upon arriving they find the body missing and are told he has risen. They’re then told to tell the disciples. We then see Jesus appearing to others before appearing to the Eleven, who did not believe the report of the others. Then Jesus commands them to preach the gospel to all people.

Even after seeing Jesus bring several people back to life, the disciples don’t believe the report of his resurrection. For them, seeing was believing. It was hard to believe he could do the same for himself, but he did. And once they saw him, we know it transformed their lives. Hearing and believing this news has transformed my life. I pray it does the same for others who hear it.

Do you believe the report of Jesus’s resurrection?

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