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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 223

F260 Day 223: Romans 11-12

Romans 11-12

In chapter 11, Paul concludes his discussion on Israel’s rejection of Christ. He shows that the gospel going to Gentiles is meant to make Israel jealous and bring them to repentance. With this, he concludes the argument he’s built for 11 chapters and moves into the practical application. As a result of these mercies from God, our right response is to be a living sacrifice, daily life as worship unto God.

Romans 12 teaches us how to live in response to all God has done for us in the gospel. In essence, we now live for him. We daily renew our minds and live a life that reflects his character. And we can do this because we have been raised to life in Christ and have the Spirit inside us. The goal is to love God and love others.

What is your response to the mercies of God?

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