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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 24

F260 Day 24: Genesis 44-45

Genesis 44-45

Two important things happen in these chapters. First, Joseph has one final test for his brothers to see if they have changed at all in the past twenty years. His brothers pass the test with flying colors. Judah steps up and refuses to let his younger brother, Benjamin, be taken into slavery, sacrificing himself instead. This is the same Judah who had the idea to sell his brother into slavery. God has changed his heart and he’s now willing to stand up for his family.

Joseph’s great reveal is the next thing that happens. After seeing the response of his brothers, Joseph reveals his true identity. He doesn’t do this to exact revenge, but to bring reconciliation. Joseph loves his brothers and recognizes the hand of God. He tells them that this was a work of God to preserve their family from the famine. How beautiful is that picture? The gospel is much the same way. God reveals himself to us, not to punish us, but to rescue us, even though we sinned against him.

How has God changed your heart?

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