F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 63

F260 Day 63: Joshua 23-24

Joshua 23-24

After conquering the promised land, the people of Israel finally find rest. Before he dies, Joshua wants to give the people a final message. He urges them to keep the commands given to them by Moses. God has been faithful to his word to this point. That also means he will keep the punishments for disobedience. After recounting their history as a people, he once again urges them to worship the Lord. The people agree to do so.

When it comes to worshiping and obeying God, it requires strength. It requires strength to be countercultural and go against the grain. But, that is exactly what God is calling us to. As believers, we have been equipped with the Holy Spirit who enables us to live such a life. Knowing this, we must be diligent to keep ourselves from sin and walk in obedience. That is how we can declare like Joshua that our house will worship the Lord.

How do you remain diligent in your worship and obedience to God?

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