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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 88

F260 Day 88: Psalm 1; 19

Psalm 1; 19

Both of these psalms establish the importance of God’s word in the believer’s life. Psalm 1 teaches that it is something we should delight in, while meditating on it daily. When we do this, we maintain a constant connection to our source, which feeds us life and blessing. Likewise, Psalm 19 shows how this same word renews life, and makes one wise and glad. At the same time, the believer is also continually repentant so he can remain connected to the source, which is God.

There are two paths we can walk down in this life. One path is with God, the other is without him, chasing after its own way. These two psalms emphasize the blessing and reward that comes from dedicating one’s self to the word of God. When we do, we are blessed. We get more of God and our relationship with him grows deeper and more intimate. It also makes us more aware of our sin, which enables us to repent so our sin does not ruin us. This is the life every believer should crave. It is the life we are to teach to others.

Do you regularly spend time in the Scriptures? Do you delight in it or is it drudgery?

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