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A Simple Bible Journaling Method

Do you struggle to remember what you read in the Bible? Do you need a better way to maximize your


The Seven Arrows Devotional: A Year’s Worth of Targeted Bible Study

Earlier this year my friend Alex Rodriguez, from the Men’s Muster, introduced me to a great book on the topic


Start Studying the Bible: How to Begin a New Study

There you are, sitting with your Bible in front of you. You want to study the Bible, but you don’t


Seven Arrows Method: Aiming Your Bible Study in the Right Direction

What do you do when someone approaches you wanting to study the Bible? They know nothing and don’t know where


Biblical Meditation: Rightly Thinking on God’s Word

Picture it. You’re sitting on your living room floor. Legs folded, eyes closed, palms facing upward with index fingers &


What is Bible Journaling?

My days look mostly the same. So, aside from important dates and reminders, I rarely use a calendar or take


Triggers: The Key to Effortless Bible Study

Back in my school days, my teachers taught me to create a routine for my work. They told me to


How to Keep a Bucket List for Endless Bible Study Material

I like to make lists and keep track of things. I have a calendar on my phone, but I also


How to Make Bible Study a Priority

We live in the information age and our lives have never been busier. As our days whirl by, we wonder


Scripture Memory: Learn to Enjoy the Process

I’ve always struggled with Scripture memory. Growing up with computers, it didn’t seem necessary. Even with my day job, a


Why Every Christian Should Enjoy Bible Study

Every Christian should enjoy Bible study. I believe this with all my being. It gets me out of bed in