2018 Bible Reading Challenge

Have you ever tried to read through the Bible? How far did you get? If you’re like most people, you probably fell off the wagon somewhere around Leviticus or Numbers. I know I did. Bible reading is difficult and can be frustrating.

Even if you did read through the entire Bible, how much of it did you comprehend? While reading those large chunks of Scripture, did you take time to meditate and let God speak to you? Nah, me either.

What if you did something different in 2018?

What if you could get the big picture of the Bible by only reading a couple chapters a day for five days a week? Now, what if you could do that as part of a community of other believers who would hold each other accountable? Would something like that entice you?

If so, the BibleStudy.Tips 2018 Bible Reading Challenge is for you! Continue reading to learn the details & how to sign up.

The Plan

F-260 Bible Reading Plan

As we read through the Bible together we will use the F-260 Bible reading plan from Replicate Ministries. This 260-day plan highlights the foundational passages of Scripture that Christians should know. The goal is to cover the major points of the Bible without getting bogged down in some of the lesser details, like genealogies or Tabernacle measurements.

Why 260 days? F-260 isn’t about reading for the sake of reading or checking off boxes. While it’s important to read the Bible, it’s more important to hear from and connect with God as you read. The F-260 plan helps you do this. Instead of reading every day, you only read 5 times a week, with weekends left open for reflection or catching up if you get behind.

Beyond Bible reading, the F-260 plan also incorporates Scripture memory and journaling. Both of these practices cement the Scripture’s place in your spirit, while also helping you digest what you’re learning.

Click here for more information about the F-260 plan.

The Community

Reading the Bible is vital to our spiritual growth, but it’s also important to not do it alone. The reason so many people fail when they try to read through the Bible is because they do it alone. Reading in a group setting remedies this problem.

There are many benefits to studying the Bible with other people. Obviously, there’s the benefit of keeping one another accountable. This is one of the few times when peer pressure is helpful. Accountability aside, here are a few other reasons why learning in community is important:

  • We get stuck and sometimes need help
  • Things get missed in study and we need others to point it out
  • It provides encouragement and prayer
  • New friendships can be made
  • We get to help others, just as much as they help us

This list is not exhaustive, but you get the idea. Learning in community is beneficial to your spiritual growth, as well as the growth of others.

How Can I Sign Up?

So, you’re on board with the Bible reading challenge, that’s great. But, you need to know how to participate. To make this happen, we’ll use a few pieces of technology.

The key components of the Bible reading challenge include: the Bible app from YouVersion (or the Bible.com website), Scripture Typer (app or website), a notebook, and our Facebook group. A few optional components include a physical Bible or study Bible of your choice and the Foundations journal.

The Bible App

The Bible App

The Bible app is the most important piece of the challenge. This is where we will gather to go through the F-260 plan together. If you don’t already have the app, go to Bible.com and follow the instructions to create your free account and download the app.

Once you’ve created your account, click the link below to join the group reading plan. The group maxes out at a 150 people, so if the group becomes full, we will start a second group.

Join the Bible reading plan

Note: A limitation of the Bible app is that it doesn’t know to skip weekends in our plan. So, once you’ve finished your 5 readings for the week, just wait until Monday to continue. Each Monday I will adjust the readings so the plan remains up to date with where we should be.

You can also download a printable version of the plan here.

Scripture Typer

Scripture Typer

As stated above, one of the components of the F-260 plan is memorizing Scripture. If you want to memorize these as a community you can download the app and join the BibleStudy.Tips group. Each week I’ll update the group with the current week’s verses.

There are two passages each week. You can learn one or both, the choice is yours.

Click here to download Scripture Typer.

Click here to join the Scripture Typer group.

A Notebook

Journaling is an important step in your reading. Grab a notebook, physical or digital, so you can make notes each day. The F-260 plan recommends the H.E.A.R. method of study, which you can learn more about here.

Facebook Group

While the Bible app has some commenting functionality, I recommend joining the BibleStudy.Tips Facebook group. This will allow us to more easily communicate and share with one another. Here you can share your insights from journaling or get to know the other members in the community. More than anything it’s a place to grow and encourage one another as we study the Bible together.

Click here to join the group.

Optional Items

If you don’t want to read on your computer or phone, use your print Bible. Additionally, if you want some devotional material to accompany your daily readings, I recommend purchasing the Foundations journal or the CSB Disciple’s Study Bible. Both products contain the reading plan & memory verses, as well as space for you to write your journal entries. Either product will help you make the most of the F-260 plan and the Bible reading challenge.

Join Us

The Bible reading challenge kicks off on January 1, 2018.

Join me as I read the Bible in 2018 using the F-260 plan from @RGallaty & @ReplicateMin! #2018BibleChallenge Click To Tweet

If you’re ready to join all you need to do is download the Bible app and join the group reading plan. Everything else is optional, but encouraged.

I look forward to studying the Bible with you in 2018!