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Bible Study Tips Christmas Gift Guide

The Bible Study Tips Christmas Gift Guide

The Christmas season is upon us! Everyone is out and about buying gifts for their loved ones, myself included. If you or your loved one wants to grow in God’s Word in the new year, you’re in the right place. I have a list of seven gifts that are $35 and under (at the time of writing) that are perfect for the student of God’s Word.

So, whether you’re buying gifts or making a list for yourself, I’m sure these items will make your Bible study a success in the coming year.

New Bible Translations

When it comes to Bible study, you can never have too many Bibles. That’s why it’s the first gift on the list.

We’ve talked before about how to pick the right Bible translation for you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add others to the mix. Over the years, I’ve found one of the best ways to make sense of Scripture is to use multiple Bible translations so I can compare them with one another. You never know when one translation will word a verse in such a way that it makes sense.

So, whatever your default translation is, find another translation to complement it. If it’s essentially literal, why not add a new paraphrase or dynamic equivalence, or vice versa?

Here are some translations I recommend having in your library (in no particular order):

  • CSB (Christian Standard Bible)
  • ESV (English Standard Version)
  • KJV (King James)
  • MEV (Modern English Version)
  • MSG (The Message)
  • NIV (New International Version)
  • NKJV (New King James)
  • NLT (New Living Translation)

Study Bibles

Study Bibles are usually fairly expensive, but this time of you year can often find good deals on them. Much like a new Bible translation, a new Study Bible can add great value to your Bible study, especially when studying on the go and you cannot take your entire library with you. Just remember to use the criteria for choosing the perfect study Bible so you don’t waste your money.

Here are a few on sale right now that I recommend:

Bible Reading Devotionals

One of the best ways to prepare for the new year is to go into it with a plan to read God’s Word. This is why Bible reading devotionals make for a great Christmas gift for a loved one or yourself. Go into the new year prepared!

The resources below are all ones we’ve covered on the site before.

Cross-Reference Tools

If I could only have one Bible study resource in addition to my Bible, I would have to say that a cross-reference resource would be my tool of choice. The best way to study God’s Word is to compare Scripture with Scripture, and these resources allow us to do just that. If this isn’t already in someone’s library, it’s a must have!

Notebooks, Pens, Highlighters, and Rulers

For those students of Scripture who take copious amounts of notes, journal, and mark up their Bibles, you need to have the right tools at your disposal. These are my favorite tools for writing & marking up my notes & the Bible.

Family Worship Bible Guide

If you have a family, spending time in God’s Word together is vital. One invaluable resource I’ve found that makes family worship time incredibly easy is the Family Worship Bible Guide from Reformation Heritage Books. This book gives you several discussion questions for every chapter of the Bible. So even if you didn’t have time to prepare, you have questions ready to go. Do yourself a favor and get this handy book.

Inductive Bible Study

Finally, if you really want to dig into how to study God’s Word better, I heartily recommend Fuhr & Köstenberger’s Inductive Bible Study book to your library. I referenced this book extensively in our tip on inductive Bible study and continue to reference it often in my own studies. If you could only learn one Bible study method, this is the one worth learning the in’s & out’s of.

Get Your Gifts Ready

No matter who you are, at least one of these gifts should be on your Christmas list this year. The beautiful thing is they are all budget friendly and will help you be a good steward of both your money and time. Make someone happy and put one or more of these gifts under the tree!

Weekly Study Prompts

This week, meditate and journal on the following passages:

  • Monday – Hebrews 7
  • Tuesday – Hebrews 8-9
  • Wednesday – Hebrews 10
  • Thursday – Hebrews 11
  • Friday – Hebrews 12
  • Memory Verses: Galatians 2:19-20; 2 Corinthians 5:17

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