How to Use Bible Cross-References to Interpret Scripture

Recently, I received an email from a website visitor. He had read the Bible study tip on how to use


2018’s Most Popular Bible Study Tips

When I started Bible Study Tips last November, I had no idea what the Lord would do with this website


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Why do you study the Bible? What motivates you to crack open your Bible and read the Word of God?


Basic Bible Study Principles

When I first started studying the Bible I was all over the place. I didn’t have a plan. I didn’t


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Seven Arrows Method: Aiming Your Bible Study in the Right Direction

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For the longest time, my sermon notes did nothing more than collect dust after they were written. There wasn’t any


Taking Notes: 5 Tips to Improve Retention

You’re either for taking notes at church or against it. There’s no middle ground in the debate. Personally, I’m an


Table of Contents: Discover Your Bible’s Hidden Features

Sometimes in our quest for higher levels of knowledge we forget to learn the basics. I have been guilty of


Cross-References: Letting Scripture Interpret Scripture

Have you ever wondered what those verse references are that appear to the side or beneath your Bible text? Those