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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 152

F260 Day 152: Luke 2

Luke 2

While traveling to Bethlehem to be registered, Mary gives birth to Jesus. After his birth, angels announce this good news to nearby shepherds, who hastily make their way into town to lay eyes on the Messiah. Joseph and Mary then encounter Simeon and Anna in the temple as they dedicate Jesus. Both of these people further confirm the words spoken to Mary about who Jesus is. After this, Jesus grows up and increases in both wisdom and favor.

The angels make it clear that the news of Jesus is for everybody. It is for all peoples, Jews and Gentiles alike, which is confirmed in Simeon’s words. The people whom God favors have great reason to rejoice at the arrival of the Messiah, who is God in the flesh. Even as a baby, Jesus is to be praised because he is the culmination of God’s promises to his people. He is our salvation. So, we should rejoice just as much as the angels, shepherds, Simeon, and Anna.

Do you worship like the angels at the good news of the savior?

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