F260 Day 18: Genesis 31-32

Genesis 31-32

After 20 years in Haran, God tells Jacob to return to the Promised Land. In that time Jacob has become a new man. He is no longer deceitful and conniving. Instead, he is a leader and man who has learned to trust God. This is most clear when he is faced with the proposition of meeting his brother Esau. In preparation for the encounter, Jacob prays to God. Jacob’s prayer reminds God of the promises made to him. He even recognizes the undeserved grace he has received all these years. Plus, he desires to reconcile with his brother.

Jacob is a picture of how God’s grace can change lives. He has striven with both God and man, and even met God face to face. Jacob is now Israel. He’s a new man, changed by God.

How has God’s grace changed your life?