F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 253

F260 Day 253: 2 Peter 2-3

2 Peter 2-3

Peter warns his readers of the reality of false teachers in the church. Just like there were false prophets in the days of the prophets, it’s the same way now. They will draw some away from the faith. But, in the same way God keeps and rescues the godly, he will punish the ungodly for their actions. Then Peter ends his letter with encouragement concerning the day of the Lord. He wants his readers to know God’s desire to see people come to salvation, which is why it feels delayed. But, we are to live blameless lives until that day comes.

The main thing we learn from this passage is that God is inescapable. This is true for the godly and ungodly. For the godly it is comfort and security. Yet, for the unbeliever, it is a troubling truth, because God sees and will judge them according to their actions. As believers, we shouldn’t want anyone to experience this. As it is God’s desire to see all come to repentance, that should also be our desire, so no one has to face God’s wrath on the day of judgment.

Are you looking forward to the new heavens and earth?

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