F260 Day 26: Genesis 48-49

Genesis 48-49

As Jacob nears his final days, he wants to bless his children. This blessing includes the adoption of Joseph’s two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh. These two sons are included in the inheritance of Joseph’s brothers. With the addition of these two adopted sons, Jacob then speaks a prophetic blessing over his children and their future.

Beyond the blessings that take place in these chapters, we get a greater glimpse at the character of God. In chapter 48, Jacob declares that God has been his shepherd and the redemptive angel over his life. God has guided and protected Jacob and his family all these years, including everything that happened with Joseph. Then, in chapter 49, we see that God is not only sovereign over present circumstances but also over the future. The words Jacob speaks are prophetic and give us a glimpse of what we shall see happen to these twelve tribes. Jacob trusted God with his life and he now trusts him for the future.

Do you trust God to keep you both today and tomorrow?