F260 Day 52: Numbers 34-35

Numbers 34-35

Israel is on the brink of entering the Promised Land. Two and one-half tribes have already received their inheritance east of the Jordan. Numbers 34 details the boundaries of the land they have been promised by God. The Lord then describes how the Levites are to receive 48 cities and live among the rest of their brothers. Why? They are to be a visual reminder of God’s holiness and dwelling among the people. In addition, six of these cities are to be cities of refuge. With this, God shows his grace and faithfulness, as well as his justice. Life is important, but the accidental death of someone does not necessarily require the death of the other person. That is the role of the refuge cities.

These cities of refuge should point us to God and Christ. He invites us to run to him in times of trouble.

Where do you seek refuge?