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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 83

F260 Day 83: 2 Samuel 6-7

2 Samuel 6-7

After recovering the ark, David brings it back to Israel. During the trip, Uzzah touches it and the Lord kills him immediately for his irreverence. Seeing this, David leaves the ark in Gath with Obed-edom. After 3 months and seeing how Obed-edom was blessed, David brings the ark to Jerusalem. After some time, David decides to build a permanent house to worship the Lord and house the ark. God tells David no, but covenants with David and says this is something his son will do, while also establishing his throne forever.

In this passage we once again seeing God’s sovereignty over human history and his commitment to keep promises. As he blesses David, he covenants with him concerning the permanence of his throne & rulership. In response, David worships and praises the truthfulness of God’s words, praying the promises back to God. This is the same response we ought to have. When we read God’s promises in Scripture, we need to turn them to prayers, trusting that God is one who is true, faithful, and keeps his word.

How often do you pray God’s promises back to him?

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