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I often ask people what Bible app they’re using. They usually respond with YouVersion of Logos. Both apps are great.


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So, I have a dilemma. The ESV Study Bible is hands down my favorite study Bible. But, the CSB is


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Recently, I received an email from a website visitor. He had read the Bible study tip on how to use


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By itself, the Bible can be a hard book to understand, especially if you’re new to Bible study. In this


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One of the joys of running the Bible Study Tips website is I get to try out lots of new


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Take a moment and think back to your English classes in school. Do you remember reading novels and then having


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Hey Christian, put down that phone! Well, if you’re using it to read this Bible study tip, you can pick


Mobile Bible Apps: How to Study the Bible Anywhere

I remember it like it was yesterday. Our budget was shoestring thin, but my wife was willing to let me


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In a previous tip on Bible concordances, I showed you how to do a simple word study. I also promised


How to Build a Bible Study Library

When it comes to building a Bible study library, there is lots of advice out there. Some people will tell