Bible Study Minute 6/18/18

Jeremiah 31:31-33:26 Are you in the new covenant? A good portion of Jeremiah’s preaching concerned God’s wrath and coming judgment.


Bible Study Minute 6/15/18

Jeremiah 25; 29 Do you see the consistency of God’s message? Jeremiah preached to Judah for 23 years. During this


Bible Study Minute 6/14/18

Jeremiah 1-3:5 Are you committing spiritual adultery? God calls Jeremiah from a young age to be his prophet. The message


Bible Study Minute 6/13/18

2 Kings 22-23 Have you torn down your idols? 2 Kings 22-23 is all about the reign of Judah’s last


Bible Study Minute 6/12/18

2 Kings 19-21 What do your children see in you? 2 Kings 19-21 shows us the tale of two kings.


Bible Study Minute 6/11/18

2 Kings 17-18 What are your idols? Today’s reading is in 2 Kings 17-18, but we’ll focus our attention on


Bible Study Minute 6/8/18

Micah 1; 4:6-5:15 Is the shepherd-king your hope? Micah is a prophet who was contemporary with Isaiah. While Isaiah’s ministry


Bible Study Minute 6/7/18

Isaiah 65-66 Are you looking to the new heavens & earth? In these final chapters of Isaiah (65-66) we are


Bible Study Minute 6/6/18

Isaiah 52-53 What kind of salvation are you looking for? Salvation is finally coming for Israel and Isaiah 52-53 shows


Bible Study Minute 6/5/18

Isaiah 44-45 Who is like our God? In the first half of Isaiah we see a lot of talk about


Bible Study Minute 6/4/18

Isaiah 6; 9 Do you have ears to hear? When Isaiah was called to serve the Lord he was given


Bible Study Minute 6/1/18

Joel 1-3 Has God poured out his spirit on you? Joel is yet another prophet proclaiming the Lord’s judgment on