Bible Study Minute 2/20/18

Exodus 24-25 How are you contributing to the Church? After the people of Israel confirm their covenant with the Lord,


Bible Study Minute 2/19/18

Exodus 19-20 When God calls his people he doesn’t leave them where they are, but calls them to a much


Bible Study Minute 2/16/18

Exodus 16-17 How soon do we start complaining after God has done something wonderful in our lives? This is what


Bible Study Minute 2/15/18

Exodus 13-14 How do you handle life when you’re backed into a corner? That’s what Israel faced up against the


Bible Study Minute 2/14/18

Exodus 12 Are you free from slavery? You cannot help but look to Jesus when you see the institution of


Bible Study Minute 2/13/18

Exodus 10-11 Do you share your stories of God’s faithfulness with your family? God commanded Moses to share the details


Bible Study Minute 2/12/18

Exodus 8-9 How many times are we like Pharaoh? We pray to God seeking relief from our pain & make


Bible Study Minute 2/9/18

Exodus 6-7 How do you respond in difficult circumstances? Man, can I relate to the Israelites in Exodus 6. When


Bible Study Minute 2/8/18

Exodus 4-5 How often do we feel like Moses, unequipped & wondering if God picked the right person? God is


Bible Study Minute 2/7/18

Exodus 2-3 While spectacular, God’s call of Moses is not unlike our own. We’re going about our business & God


Bible Study Minute 2/6/18

Genesis 50 & Exodus 1 Such a juxtaposition in these two chapters all based on a ruler who does &


Bible Study Minute 2/5/18

Genesis 48-49 The adoption of Joseph’s sons is a beautiful picture of the gospel. Jacob brings people into his family